Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fitur dan Harga: Nokia 100 dan Nokia 101 Dual SIM

After Belle showed off three new Symbian phones (Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and 701), Nokia now brings back two phones with low end segments, namely the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101.

Nokia 100 and Nokia 101, two cheap Nokia phones based on S30 with the target developing countries with a bright color display and is claimed to have long battery life.

For Nokia 100, the phone is a phone with a single sim. While the Nokia 101 is a dual-sim mobile phone that also provides a MP3 player with headset, FM radio, memory up to 16GB, built games, and a 3.5mm AV connector if the user wants to hear the speaker better.
Nokia 100 dan Nokia 101
The advantages of this phone is the Nokia 101 can store up to 5 address book (up to 5 sim-cards) are separate and distinct and have separate details for each user. Both phones will also be equipped with information about weather, health, language, etc..

Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 will be released this quarter in a confined area, the price is priced around € 25 (Nokia 101), and € 20 (Nokia 100). According to Nokia, the Nokia 101 will be available at this kurtal, while the Nokia 100 started to attend the final quarter of this year.

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