Sunday, 11 September 2011

Penampakan Nokia 801 Terlihat di Video Symbian Belle

Some photos of a new Nokia smartphones have been found in a video demo Symbian Belle. The new Nokia smartphone is touted as a successor to the Nokia N8 and N8-called 01 or N801 if you follow Nokia's new naming system. Nokia 801 uses QHD resolution display.

Leaked images revealed a video demonstration of the Nokia 700 by a Greek site that is Technoblog. When tested a video player in Nokia Symbian Belle 700, the shown pictures of the smartphone that has not been announced. Seen that the smartphone has a screen that meets the frame with curved sides. Nokia 801 in this video looks at the range of 2 minutes 20 seconds.

If true the Nokia 801 is the successor N8 Symbian device, it can be predicted that this smartphone will use the upper-class camera. Whether this device will appear in upcoming Nokia World event?.

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